Podcast Audio Production Services

Let RoseKat Audio take care of your entire podcast production process, freeing you up to spend your time doing what you love, recording your podcast and building your community!

Audio Services Include:

  • Edits - Clean up any editing requests

  • Noise Reduction - Reduce/Remove background noise, sibilance, plosives, distracting breaths, as well as other noises and pops. (as possible)

  • Clean up - Remove unwanted speech and space (uumm’s, so’s, and uhhh’s)

  • Music and Ads - Add Intro, Outro, Ads, and Bumpers

  • Mix - Leveling, EQ, and compression to ensure clarity and consistency in sound.

  • Master - Ensure the final product is set to the correct loudness level for the industry standard for podcasts.

  • ID3 Tagging - Applying the correct Metadata for each episode

  • Finished Production - In the audio format of your choice. Format/Bitrate/Frequency

*Turnaround time for each episode is 1-5 working days per episode. Depending on requirements.

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