At RoseKat Audio, our goal is to help you shine and showcase your brand/project in the best possible way. We'll collaborate with you to discover the ideal recording methods and equipment while offering ongoing feedback to enhance your show. In the rapidly evolving podcasting industry, we stay up to date so you can focus on creating, without the worry of keeping track of every change. Let's embark on this podcasting journey together.

Options Include:

  • Launch your Podcast - Guide you through the steps to getting your show out on the right foot

  • Recommendations - My preferred equipment, software, apps, and utilities to produce and promote your show

  • Training - Assist you in developing your own skills to produce and edit your podcast

  • Website - Setting up a Website for your Podcast

  • Trailer - Work together to produce a catchy teaser for your show

  • Misc - Any other Audio/Podcasting questions you may have.

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